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Monday, 8 August 2011

Say it isn't so! A weekend with no photos...

Day 20 - Saturday

The schedule for today is very relaxed for most of us. I only have movement in the morning and a half-hour chorus call at noon. The rest of the day is divided between swimming, the hot-tub, a walk up Tunnel Mountain, watching TV and reviewing some music.

In the evening we have our Chorus Showcase in The Club. I'm singing Non siate ritrosi followed by the trio E voi ridete from Cosi fan tutte. As our understudy performance has been called off, Catriona suggest we get all of the covers involved in the staging of these two numbers, so I get to deliver the aria to the girls (who obligingly touch my leg when I ask them to), backed up by Ferrando, watched closely by Don Alfonso, and with Despina doing some housework in the background. This is probably the only time in my life when I will be able to publicly perform Mozart in my Vibram Five-Fingers shoes (to underline abbiamo bel piede). In true form my false moustache falls off before I reach the end of the aria, on the actual word mustacchi. Luckily the girls are gone by then, so I get to put the incident to good comic use.

The rest of the evening goes very well, with some of the highlights being Keith (baritone) singing Belle from Beauty and the Beast doing all the characters, April singing Another new voice teacher (oh, how close to home that one hits), Michelle's rendition of I love a piano, and the cutest performance of the Papageno/Papagena duet I've ever seen (Sarah and Emmanuel). All of this supported by the inspired playing and leadership of Kinza. A fun concert followed by a great night (from which I'm sure there are some embarrassing photos of yours truly with a coffee pot, but we won't get into that here... I hate iphones at parties).

Day 21 - Sunday

Nothing much to tell, it's our day off and it's a very lazy one. I go into town to get some cash out and then take a walk by the river to have some 'me' time. Then it's some Offenbach, TV, and a film night in the lounge. Once again I'm getting that sense of disconnection with reality and the 'me' time becomes very introspective (I'm very deep sometimes... well no, that's a lie, I just have bad moods).

Okay, so I haven't taken too many photos, because The Club doesn't like my camera, and the walks were just repeats of previous ones. I apologise profusely and to soften the blow I'll include ALL the pictures I did take (luckily they share a consistent theme).

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