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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Puccini, fatigue, rain, leopard-skins and more (while London burns)

Day 22 - Monday

Morning: singing lesson with Tracy, a great half hour of identifying how to go about singing Puccini. Semitone scales, getting that nice 'ee' space for the top, letting every note live rather than singing straight, getting a seamless legato line... I wish I could say I nailed all of that, unfortunately for now it's just a list of things to work on, but a definite improvement was made nonetheless.

Afternoon: the first full run of Cosi. There isn't much to say, first runs are almost always sketchy and never perfect, but they are a logical necessity, an essential prerequisite (if you will) for a second run. These are usually better.

Watching the action from backstage

Evening: 'notes and bits' for Cosi, which last only an hour for chorus (and were needed for botched up set changes with stairs ramming into the main set and other such issues caused by the unexpected, and yet planned, darkness onstage). Then it's down to the Church to set the Vancouver rain scene in Lillian Alling. We do so well (though this may have been Kelly's sarcasm) that we are released a bit early. This just about makes up for the walk back up to the Centre.

Raising crops of brollies

The funny thing about today is that I'm seeing madness slowly descend on the group. Bad jokes provoke insane laughter, some people look a bit like zombies, everyone is slightly different to when they arrived, some guys feel the need to improvise a song about Alex's leopard-skin print top. It's been a long time, but what doesn't kill you...

As a rude wake-up call: the news about London seeps through (we are in a bit of a bubble here, if I hadn't made that clear before). We read and watch coverage in disbelief and worry for friends.

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