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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Oh, how I wish I could grow a beard

Day 17 - Wednesday

Morning: everyone gets to start at 10am with movement (our schedule has shifted from 9.30am-9.30pm to 10am-10.15pm), except myself and Jeremy. We are scheduled for a 2-hour costume fitting from 9.30, for which to be quite honest I barely wake up. Luckily it only lasts 65 minutes, so I have some spare time for breakfast and a look at Cosi before my next session, which is a short coaching with Kinza on Non siate ritrosi and the laughing trio from the aforementioned opera, which will be performed at this Saturday's concert in The Club. Then it's time for our traditional Lillian Alling chorus sing-along.

My one chance to see how I would look with facial hair

Afternoon: a select number of chorus members attends the Cosi staging rehearsal to fine tune the church scene and handover of military paraphernalia in the Bella vita militar reprise. After that it's time for my first singing lesson with Tracy Dahl. The lesson is fantastic, with quite a few issues highlighted and tips given and gratefully received. It'll be a great day for me when I can honestly say I use the same voice for high operetta repertoire as for the lower operatic stuff. In the meantime I'm happy with every small step taken on the path to vocal consistency.

Singing in offstage chorus from the auditorium

Evening: stagger through what we've staged in LA. The show is slowly coming together, we focus on ironing out kinks in the blocking (sorting out traffic and trying to find the perfect 'banana' - Kelly hates straight lines across stage).

Lillian Alling, the thief

I spend the rest of the evening in Maclab with a great group (Simon would call them 'the best group', in fact I'm sure he did, but he calls every group that and it's a bit of a running joke) before retiring to bed, only to wake up James and end up having a long late night chat.

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