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Friday, 13 January 2012

Four doors shut, another one... well, I'm still waiting on that one ;)

My first week back has been one of exciting work, a very rewarding short recording project, a nice series of catch-ups, but mostly this week seems to have been about rejection. In quick succession all of the responses from the auditions I had last term came back negative. I won't lie, I take these things quite hard, even though statistically speaking I should be used to it by now.

There are however thoughts that put it all in perspective, and I choose to list these here for future reference, in case circumstances change and they don't come to me as quickly and easily as they have this week (thanks to the unique holidays I had):
- I am amazingly fortunate to be doing what I do (however much I may like to complain from time to time ;) )
- I have had a year of some success (2011 couldn't last forever unfortunately).
- I am still in college, so have time and it will be a period of growth.
- There are other opportunities out there.
- Worst case scenario I will have summer holidays!
- I do have something to offer, it's just that my strongest points aren't immediately apparent in an audition (could use some tips on how to put across conscientious, gets on well with colleagues, etc to a panel!)
- Getting used to rejection without equating it to failure is a necessary professional skill, as is patience.
- There's one more, ask me about in person if you can ;)

How about some random pictures to lift the mood? A reminder of a unique Christmas, home, dear friends, and generally things that matter:

Kraków Christmas market

A half-day with my brother

Off to find signal during our New Year's retreat

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