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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Have you considered a modelling career?

Day 5 - Friday

Morning: 2 hours of movement! And crammed into that we had: stretches, tai chi, pilates, folk dance, modern dance, and ballet. But what I will probably remember most is the pain that then relaxes into constant aches. That being said, I do like the feeling of slowly getting into shape.

The pretzel stretch

Afternoon: A short sit in Cosi and then on to the most exciting and mysterious part of the day: the photo shoot. The briefing we got was just to turn up at the theatre wearing what we would to rehearsal (so casual it is). What we encountered there was a circus performer posing in a vertical split with a flag-like piece of material fluttering in the wind of a stage fan, a ballet dancer doing some very impressive jumps in just his underwear, and a violin/cello duet posing with their instruments. All of this was photographed in professional lighting by the staff and participants of the Performance Photography program. So what were they supposed to do with 3 male singers in casual clothes? Well, we started out with some group pictures (fully clothed) that made us look like a boyband, and then went on to portraits and head shots. Interesting how the photographer in those situations has to turn into a bit of a stage director to make the pictures look natural... An enjoyable experience and we were promised copies of the photos, so we may get something useable out of it, though I don't think we gave the photographers quite as much to work with as the other models.

The other models

One of our shots for comparison

Afterwards I have to face the plunge from supermodel to lowly understudy, but I manage to make it through the rest of the Cosi rehearsal without showing how distraught I am.

Evening: Kelly has scheduled the Lillian Alling team for a film night! We watch The Golden Door, to give us an insight into the mindset of people emigrating to the New World. The session ends earlier than usual, so a bunch of us decide to go for a drink (to discuss the film, of course). The social aspect of programs like this is very important after all.

I write today's account in bed, wondering how our pop stars did tonight...

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